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Katie Newell

Learn some of the basic jewelry making techniques, as well as the tools required to do so. We will be exploring, sawing, filing, sanding, and cold connections early in the course, and will then get into soldering. A pendant and pair of earrings will be completed before the course is over using some of the combined learned techniques and processes. We will also explore how to put texture and color on metal.

Monday 6 - 9pm
7 Week Fee:
$250 + Lab Fee: $45.00
14 WeekFee:
$420 + Lab Fee: $65.00

Jewelry Fabrication I (C)

Katie Newell

There will be more room for self-guided projects in this course. We will be learning some stone-setting techniques including bezels. Chain making, patinas, and even enameling will be some topics covered in the course. Demonstrations will be provided throughout the course so students can build on their skills and explore new and more advanced jewelry fabrication techniques.

Prerequisite: Jewelry Fabrication I

Monday 6 - 9pm
7 Week Fee:
$250 + Lab Fee: $45
14 Week Fee:
$420 + Lab Fee: $65

Jewlery Fabrication II (C)