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Since opening its doors in 1998, the Art Academy of San Diego’s mission has been to provide education and opportunity to the artist in
all of us. We offer classes in drawing, painting, printmaking, jewelry, stained glass, graffiti and mosaic, and numerous techniques within each of these disciplines. Taught by professional artists, these classes will provide you with the creative outlet you have been seeking.


Winter/Spring I : January 4 - February 20
Winter/Spring II : February 22 - April 23
SPRING BREAK: March 21 - April 2
Spring/Summer I : April 25 - June 11
Spring/Summer II : June 13 - July 30
SUMMER BREAK: August 1 - September 3
Fall/Winter I : September 6 - October 22
Fall/Winter II : October 24 - December 17
THANKSGIVING BREAK: November 21 - November 26

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Testimonials from our students:

"Joining the painting class at the Art Academy is my personal therapy. I look forward to it every week and it's given me a creative outlet I don't get from my day job. I love painting for myself and being creative for myself, no clients to tell me what to do; no one's judging you or grading you, and even if it doesn't come out the way I planned it's the process and being around other creative creatures that I enjoy most."
Jessica Neville, May 2008
Graphic Designer

"Art Academy is an environment where you can learn to paint with instructors who are artists themselves; paint with new and more accomplished students. Be inspired by both instructors and students to try new things."
Patricia Neuhoff, May 2008